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Chili Boot Artists Supporting Wildlife Conservation

At CHILI BOOT ART LICENSING we are delighted to offer the beautiful work of five artists actively engaged in supporting wildlife conservation and animal welfare.

Hiller with mural

Carlos HIller in front of one of his murals

CARLOS HILLER, seen here with his anti-shark-finning mural, works in various ways to increase awareness of man’s often negative affect on the oceans of the world and the life forms living within them. Besides painting murals with a message, Carlos entertains and educates children with underwater adventure stories and has donated his works to environmental groups. He is also a member of Project Aware which arranges beach and reef clean-ups; Save Our Leatherbacks Operation which fights to preserve the Leatherback Turtle in Indonesia; and PRETOMA, which works to promote sustainable fishing in Central America.

Hermida painting

Gabriel Hermida painting on location

GABRIEL HERMIDA states on his website that he strives to represent animals as the magnificent and delicate treasures that mother nature has given us, emphasising that “we must appreciate and protect these beautiful creatures as well as their habitat.” In 2005 Gabriel was chosen as a member of Artists For Conservation, an exclusive international society of animal artists who are dedicated to a worldwide effort to promote and support conservation of wildlife and it’s habitat.

José Moreno Aparicio

José Moreno Aparicio

JOSE MORENO APARICIO makes his sympathies toward conservation clear when quoting Leonardo da Vinci on his website: “The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.” In an interview appearing in Presencia, published in La Paz, Bolivia, José stated that this will be the century when we need to battle to preserve the ecology of the planet.

Molina bird painting

Manuel Molina painting of a caged and free bird

MANUEL MOLINA has produced a series of works seeking to raise awareness of the need to protect exotic bird species. He has proposed to the government of Oaxaca State in Mexico the introduction of a law to prevent the capture and commercialisation of live birds. Manuel says, “We must not imagine or think that birds exist and sing only for us.” In these works Manuel utilises the graphic symbol of a key to represent the eyes of birds which have achieved their freedom (see example).

Raúl del Río

Raúl del Río

Finally, RAUL DEL RIO is associated with many environmental groups, including Greenpeace, Earth Island, Conservation International, the Environmental Defence Fund and the National Wildlife Federation, as well as the Humane Farming Association and Animal’s Voice Magazine.