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Our Approach

We started up CHILI BOOT ART LICENSING because we love art… we were going to add "in all its forms," but lets just say "MOST" of its forms! We are a partnership, one of whom has visited art galleries around the world since childhood, as well as collecting books on art and artists. The other member of our partnership has produced publications on fine art for many of the most important galleries and museums in the UK and USA. We have a strong family connection to Latin America and always take in art shows and exhibitions when travelling there. But rather than classical art our senses are stirred more by living, modern-day working artists, especially their use of strong, vibrant colour allied to vivid imagination and artistic skill. We know there is a gap in the market for such work and have set out to fill it.

However, we do not intend to offer only the talents of Latin American artists. Our doors are open to anyone with talent and originality, whose work lends itself to commercial application. We hope that we can satisfactorily serve the need of clients requiring something different for their products, as well as serving the needs of artists whose talents deserve a wider audience.